Welcome to Vivo

Vivo is the dream of husband and wife team, Michael and Erin Jordan. They were both National Educators for Aveda, and have recently been hired to educate for [ Comfort Zone ].They have used their experience and dedication to grow Vivo in to northern Florida’s premier spa destination!

Michael and Erin personally train each therapist, to be a Certified [ Comfort Zone ] Therapist. Each service is carried out to an exact specification, combining a list of value-added services to every experience. Each massage and facial includes a Vivo Foot Bath, Aroma Experience with Organic Essential Oils, Scalp Massage, Foot Massage, Hot Aromatic Towels, Finishing Touch and After Treatment Consultation.

This is why we know, every time you visit Vivo, you will enjoy your experience. We take the uncertainty of knowing if your therapist is good or not, by holding them to the highest standard of the industry.

“Vivo is our concept of what a spa and salon should be. There are no limitations of what your imagination can create for a service, and that we can not do. We use a 5,000 yr old philosophy of Ayurvedics to customize your service and bring balance to your body, mind and soul.”

“We create each service from start to finish, using organic products with Ayurvedic aromas and therapy, that address your body’s imbalances. If you are here for a massage, you will not find a confusing menu of different prices services to choose from. We use ALL of our modalities to create a massage, for just one price. We combine Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, Chakra Energy Balancing, Accupressure, Hot Stone, Reflexology and even Thai inspired Massage, in every massage. That way, you get exactly what you need and want…without upsales or hidden charges. We create each facial the exact same what.

There is no difference in price between an Skin Regimen Anti-Aging Facial, Active Pureness Acne, Absolute Pearl Skin Brightening or Sacred Nature-EcoCert Facial. We do this price structure for our guest’s benefit. Because we know you have a choice –

Be choosy. Choose Vivo.”

Rosemary Beach's AVEDA Concept Spa and Salon